About me

A frontend developer in mobile and web (react & react native) with 2.5+ years of work experience working remotely in agile teams. I have used Jira, Confluence, Sentry, and Pivot Tracker to manage and fulfill tasks as well as write documentation. I am looking for a challenging role where I can further hone my skills and be a valuable asset to the company.

Technologies and Career Highlights

React – 2+ years of experience developing flexible components with state management and async operations

React Native – 1+ years of experience developing mobiles apps with Expo, React Native, and React Native Web

Expo – 2 years of experience

KnockoutJS/Durandal – 2 years of experience in building features and fixing bugs in a legacy application

JavaScript – 4 years of experience writing JavaScript at multiple levels

TypeScript – 2 years of experience working with TypeScript with React and React Native

C# - 2 years of experience fixing bugs and adding various routes and processes to backend

Work Experience

Frontend Developer - React Native, KnockoutJS, .NET MVC

Handled development and documentation of multiple applications built in React Native, KnockoutJS, and .NET MVC. My responsibilities and achievements include:

  • Optimized API endpoints by 80% on landing page by cutting back on response object and optimizing the amount of calls to it on frontend
  • Cut back on CDN image network calls by nearly 80% by introducing caching on frontend so the same image isn't loaded twice
  • Fixed long running bugs in legacy apps which improved app performance for thousands of users
  • Monitor Sentry to find bugs early on in development cycle and fix them
  • Developed blog and comment system using WordPress API and integrated it in a MVC legacy application
  • Working on React Native app as a core contributor and handling development, designing, and data integration of screens
  • Optimizing backend endpoints, adding features, and fixing bugs in C# backend
  • Designed and developed React Native application for 50k user base

Frontend Developer - (React, React Native, React Native Web)

Handled development of features using functional paradigms, worked on optimizing landing pages for optimal lighthouse load times.

  • Optimized page load speeds for landing pages to comply with lighthouse scores
  • Added various multilevel flows for confirmation of tasks and completion
  • Added translations using i18n and fixed translation errors
  • Added routes and pages
  • Used lodash/fp, ramda, and immer to implement everything using functional paradigms