Flutter Navigation

Navigation Widgets#

Navigation is done through a navigation widget too. It handles to and fro movment and naviation.

We can pass context between routes. Navigator can push and pop screens to navigation from one screen to other.

InkWell widghet has a onTap method which can be used to move from one area to another

void _navigateToPlace(BuildContext context) {
if(Navigator.of(context).canPop()) {
builder: (BuildContext context) {
return Scaffold( //Returns another screen or widget, this can easily be another premade screen like AboutScreen()
appBar: AppBar(
elevation: 1.0,
title: Text(
style: Theme.of(context), textTheme.display1,
centerTitle: true,
backgroundcolor: color[100],
body: ConverterRoute(
name: name,
units: units,
color: color
resizetoAvoidBottomPadding: false